Who can we offer the service to?

The volunteer home visiting program works with families who would like some additional support to help them with the everyday demands of being a parent with young children.

Some of the issues that families may identify with can be:

  • Feeling isolated or lonely
  • Finding the adjustment to parenthood a challenge
  • Adjusting to other changes in their lives
  • Parenting alone
  • A multiple birth
  • A child with a disability or a health problem
  • A parent with a disability or a health problem
  • Being new to the country
  • Being new to the area

HCFA understands that families may have other personal or family issues that require more intensive support than a volunteer home visitor can provide. The coordinator will assess if it is possible for us to work together with another, more specialised service but mostly we would not offer a service to families when there are current issues around:

  • substance abuse
  • child protection
  • domestic violence
  • certain mental health issues